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What is a Snapchat Hack?

by Miller Jones

What is a Snapchat Hack?

In the past few years there have been several news reports of so called Snapchat Hacks hacking into Snapchat's security. And while many people understand the basic principle of what happened, the intricate details are less clear. In this blog I will attempt to clear up some common misconceptions about the hacks that have plagued Snapchat users for years now.

The first thing you have to understand is that when the media talks about Snapchat hacks or snapspy is that they do not mean that Snapchat has actually been hacked. This has only happened once, and it did not leak any images. When Snapchat was hacked the only thing that happened was that 4.6 million results from their database were leaked. Among this leaked data was phone numbers, email adresses and snapchat usernames. And although this is very bad, it is not as bad as the other Snapchat hacks that have happened. For instance, the Snappening received a lot of coverage last year. In that hack people's images and videos were leaked. This is far worse since it goes against the core principle of Snapchat which is that images are deleted after they have been viewed once.

The Snappening did not happen because Snapchat itself was hacked though. It happened because people were careless and installed applications to save and store videos and images they received through Snapchat. The hackers then targeted the third party app and once they hacked this app they could release the private images and videos from millions of people. It is therefore unfair that Snapchat receives the blame for all these Snapchat hacks when they are only responsible for one of them. The others were carried out by targetting applications that are explicitly forbidden by Snapchat.

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